Slow TextMate when working on a Rails app?

For the past few days, my TextMate has been slowing down, much to my annoyance. It got to the point where it would pause for a full 3 seconds when switching to it before I could start editing. Not very nice, and odd behavior for such a great little piece of software. I’ve been using it for well over a year now, and this is the first trouble I’ve had with it in a long time.

I looked through all the prefs this morning, trying to find something akin to BBEdit‘s setting to “verify open files on activation”. No dice. I was starting to consider a TextMate preference trashing when it hit me; “verifying files”. The Rails app I’ve been working on is getting busier, and it involves both uploading lots of files and then generating thumbnails of those files, all into subdirectories of the ‘public’ directory of the Rails app. There you have it – I had collected thousands of files over the last several days, and TextMate’s awesome Finder integration was just trying to keep up.

Since this is just development data, a few swift Trash incantations brought TextMate performance roaring back.

On a side note – anyone else out there love both TextMate and BBEdit? Do you feel like a split personality too? And wish you could combine them? No, not TextEdit, that name’s taken and the product is, umm, basic. BBMate? The FTP/SFTP and power-editing features of BBEdit with TextMate’s Ruby and Finder integration, perhaps?

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