Caught on video – running coach identifies heel problem

I visited with a physical therapist and running coach on Friday, and in addition to identifying some new stretches for me to do, the video analysis pinpointed some things I need to change in my stride. I have been keeping my knees and legs too straight, resulting in a pounding action on my heels.  He had a number of changes for me to start working on, in particular powering forward with my knees, more lift with my feet, and better arm swings.
I ran Saturday putting some of the changes into effect, and man what a difference!  I was feeling really good, so I decided to push for a fast 5K.  I shaved more than 1:30 off my best mile time, down to 7:22,  and a full 6 minutes off my 5K time, from 28:56 to 22:56.  It was definitely a hard run at race pace, not an everyday workout, but overall the feeling was great.  On another 5K Sunday, not working quite so hard, Mike and I kept a consistent 8:20s mile pace.  We also saw Garrison Keillor and his family walking near the San Francisco waterfront.

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