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The Small Team

A small development team can take every phone call and answer every question and discuss every feature and endeavor to make everyone happy by accomodating every request. Or the team can eschew traditional customer service and be fiercely protective of … Continue reading

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On selling yourself short

A friend recently completed her first Olympic-distance triathlon. After a period of elation, she was overtaken by a round of self-doubt – perhaps one leg hadn’t been as fast as she wanted, or the overall time – I’m not certain … Continue reading

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Off In The Wrong Direction

Several years ago, I was called into a hush-hush meeting with a couple of mid-level accounting managers and business systems programmers.  I wasn’t given much information ahead of time – only that it was about reconciling credit card charges. I … Continue reading

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93 Questions

We had some downtime on a server at work over the holiday weekend, and as a result my boss is interested in having that never happen again.  He asked about establishing, basically, an on-call system. It sounds pretty straightforward – … Continue reading

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Too Participatory and The Resistance

Someone I know was fired last winter for, as she tells it, being “too participatory.”  She worked in a rapidly-changing area of health care and had (and shared) a number ideas to improve the clinic’s practices and leverage new knowledge … Continue reading

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Linchpin and The Icarus Deception

I recently read both of these works by Seth Godin, and am feeling inspired in a way I haven’t for a while. In Linchpin, Godin argues that the best way to ensure success and happiness is by putting yourself in … Continue reading

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Reflections in a stairwell

On the way out today, I walked down the 13 stories of stairs in the Register & Tribune building, marble tread after marble tread worn away, shaped by generations of journalists, editors, photographers, composers, wan platemakers and coarse pressmen, salespeople, … Continue reading

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Career choices, episode 3

On Friday I accepted an offer to join Merchants Bonding Company as an application developer, specializing in Ruby on Rails. I gave notice at the Gannett Production Centers yesterday.  They’re great people, and I will miss them, but it’s time … Continue reading

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Back in time

Fridays and weekends lately remind of my years at the Des Moines Register putting out fires, trying to impose order on chaos, with little interest from senior management as long as we stayed under budget. Sitting here munching on a … Continue reading

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I’ve been working in information technology for roughly 10 years now, and I’ve installed many small and a few large systems. While some of those systems supplanted a vendor, I had never had the opportunity to actually participate in a … Continue reading

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